The typhoon came and went, there was some tragedy, some destruction: 4 people died and about 70 were injured, and there was quite a lot of property damage. The news showed a smashed house that had fallen down a hill in a mud slide: close-up on a framed oil painting—a landscape—sitting neatly on top of some rubble. Although there was destruction, the Japanese seem to have gotten themselves organized and kept safe. Many of the injuries were to people who were walking outside and who were blown over. They weren’t hit with anything, they just fell down.

To chatter about death will cheapen it, given my mood today, so I’ll dwell on stuff. I look at my Vietnamese lacquer painting in the bedroom. If I had to lose everything, I’d miss my gold-leaf monks.

Instead of cleaning the house, I’m checking out stuff like this lip-synched video by the underemployed staff at Connected Ventures. After that bit of fun, and a few minutes of wishing I had a job, I go to one of my favorite blogs, Souled On, and find Billy Holliday’s “Solitude” to dust to. You know, slow, easy, dreamy dusting, perhaps a bluesy sort through the giant pile of papers and bills. Oh God, my Netflix order came in today…what to do, what to do…

I did buy some broccoli and blueberries today. Does that count as personal development?