If you are one of the select few that read this WTF blog, you’ll have noticed I’ve been a little perezosa in my duties. All I can say is, I got lured (see photo).

Just sent off houseguests on the Narita Express this morning. The visit from my husband’s cousin and her husband (both from Spain) consisted of 10 delightful days speaking a bizarre mixture of English, Spanish, and Japanese, which led my poor confused brain to make me say things like, “Oh, que bueno sake, es como ringo.” (ringo being Japanese for apple).

After I saw off los primos, I went to the Machida shrine sale (a Japanese flea market—yes, those very attractive, hyper-expensive Japanese tschotkes, old kimonos, pottery, etc., are sold here in flea markets for a pittance) and bought some 80-year-old Japanese cut glass glasses. I have a new fondness for Japanese glass, Meiji cut glass and modern hand-blown. Then I went to an antique shop where I bought a Kutani ochokko (sake cup) that took my breath away—a wee gaggle of one-inch-tall scholars adorning my drinking vessel.

The hated month of August is over and I leap into the embrace of September. I resolve to (a) eat less, exercise more, (b) study Japanese with more diligence, and (c) remember to write on my blog.

Hasta la vista, tomodachi!