Yogurt recommendation? Trust a Bulgarian.

Co-op brand plain yogurt. The label says it includes Acidophilus Bifidus. It tastes sharp and tart and creamy over the tongue. A bit too soft textured for my taste, but a huge improvement over the yogurt I had been buying that called itself “Bulgarian style.”

“Co-op” is a chain of, well, co-ops, and which some Japanese I’ve talked to pronounce “coop” (as in chicken coop) or “cope” despite the hyphen in the name. Co-op stores have the requisite organo-hippie vibe (they don’t give you bags at check-out, you must provide your own) that makes me feel oh-so-virtuous as I plunk down too much money for yogurt. When Carlitos and I went last time, we got so into the co-op altered mental state we bought 4 lbs of brown rice. Don’t get me wrong, I actually do like brown rice, but let’s be real, I already have 20 lbs of Thai Jasmine and 10 lbs of Japanese premium “hikari” (not to mention small amounts of arborio and basmati) tucked somewhere in the back of the grain pantry, so did we really need more rice?

Thanks Bulgarian guy whose name I can’t remember.

Yes, I am quite aware the photo sucks. I am no Heidi Swanson or Heather B. Armstrong.