This post has absolutely nothing to do with Japan. I was just in the kitchen slapping a temporary tattoo on my forearm. Ah, the joys of slow, easy Sunday afternoons.

The latest issue of The Believer contains a full page of temporary tattoos designed by various artists. In the photo above, the small dots beneath Ai Weiwei’s face are flies (and some freckles).

From the accompanying interview with Ai Weiwei:

BLVR: Describe your typical day.

AW: My typical day is I wake up and appreciate that I can still wake up. If it’s possible, I will have some noodles in the morning and start talking to people, start to think about a few things in my head […].

BLVR: Now that you have been helping with the design of the Beijing National Stadium…do you still consider yourself a counterculture artist?

AW: I have always stated that I designed the stadium as a toilet seat. I don’t care if this is a great cultural event or a national symbol. It has nothing to do with me.

See photo of Ai Weiwei here.

Because I live a somewhat blinkered life, I had never heard of Ai Weiwei. I enjoyed reading his interview and Googling the hell out of him. And I love how The Believer is inviting us to change our own bodies into ironically kitsch performance art. Or the editors just really really like fake tattoos. Either way, I’m digging it. Slap a bit of art on yourself!