A Culinary Guide to Taura, no. 3

This fruit and vegetable merchant drives up to an empty lot in Old Taura by the side of Route 16 at random times and on various days of the week. He unloads crates of seasonal produce along with bags of homemade tsukemono (Japanese pickles).

Yesterday, we were walking home with bags of vegetables, so we didn’t need anything, but something made me stop and check what he was offering there by the side of the road. He had plump umeboshi (salted Japanese apricots/plums) that looked good. As I examined the pickled plums, a tiny man with a wizened face got out of his little blue truck and greeted me.

I asked, “Did you make the umeboshi yourself?”
He said, “Yep.”

We each had one at breakfast this morning. They are very very good indeed.