The Stash Basks in the Glow of Multi-Course Bliss

The Stash is usually his deployment outfit, grown to mark the days at sea, and also to assert his superior follicle qualities. It disappears soon after he returns home from unknown lands smelling of various petroleum-based fuels and the ocean. That first shower at home to wash off the Navy usually ends with the wielding of the razor. Recently, however, he only had a short stint home and so elected to take The Stash and me to Tokyo for a multi-course dinner.

The Stash also likes to go hiking.

The Stash Goes Hiking

When young, The Stash is violently territorial. When I get too close, it pokes and chafes. As it ages, it finds ways to live peacefully within our overlapping habitats. Knob Creek takes the edge off the Stash burn.

Knob Creek takes the edge off everything.