Hayama market

Another visit to the secret farmer’s stand near Hayama. I keep meaning to go there more often, but then a few months pass, and I fail in my vegetable eating plans. Eriko and I hiked up the hill to the stand. I bought spring cabbage. She chatted up the farmer and her daughter.

Hayama yaoya

We gazed out at the sea beyond the fields.

Hayama View

On the way down the hill is another farm, another stand. This one had a sign, “We have bamboo shoots.” When we asked the tiny old lady in a white bonnet about her bamboo shoots, she pulled the cloth from the top of the basket, unveiling her stash. She told us that the bamboo shoots were so fresh we could eat them raw. She wrapped our shoots in newspaper, and I dropped coins into her wrinkled little palm. Then she shuffled back to her work.

Fresh Bamboo Shoots