My husband is sometimes under the impression that I am the alter ego of a super hero called Swiss Miss who has the power to repel evil with a blast from her alpenhorn and who finishes off the bad guys with large wooden buckets of milk. Her Appenzell genes make her vulnerable, however, to ingenious traps baited with cheese and particularly to fits of the mopes.

And then she gets angry with herself for getting down. Swiss Miss should be able to pull in her waist cincher, give her alpine breasts a quick lift and adjustment, pick up her wooden yoke, and get back to business. But no, her energy’s sapped. And worse, what about? Not much. Swiss Miss doesn’t have the right to sing the blues. The Universal Justice League says, “You feel down, so freaking what?”

She enjoyed this lovely piece by Joel Johnson from 43 Folders on forgiveness.

Forgive yourself for losing focus. Then forgive yourself for worrying about losing your focus.

Forgive yourself for making unrealistic goals. Forgive yourself for making goals that aren’t big enough to keep you interested. Forgive yourself for doing work that’s not your best. Forgive yourself for comparing your work to the work of others. Forgive yourself for thinking something other than your work might be fun. Forgive yourself for any single thing you find yourself feeling guilty about.

It reminded her of Bill Murray in What about Bob?

Baby step turn off the computer, baby step fold the laundry, baby step leave the house and feel the cool rain on your face. Baby step…