Ginzan In The Evening
Photo: Ginzan onsen in the evening.

Adashino Nembutsu-ji
Photo: Adashino Nembutsuji (temple in Kyoto).

The ladies dancing
Photo: Local festival in Taura, a short walk from our house.

Suppon (turtle) restaurant
Photo: Scene in Ryogoku, Tokyo.

Chikyoubin (large spherical jars for crackers)
Photo: Chikyoubin (large spherical jars for crackers).

Photo: My Japanese teacher.

Kudoki Jouzu Junmai Ginjo
Photo: Kudoki Jouzu Junmai Ginjo, a sake tasted during John Gauntner’s Sake Pro Course.

Photo: Eggplant and herring braise at Hikage Chaya, a 350-year-old restaurant in Hayama.

Fresh cucumbers on a stick
Photo: The sign reads, “Cucumbers selected by the vegetable sommelier.”

Play sumo
Photo: Play sumo at local elementary school.

Photo: Trip to Hokkaido with friends.