Diwali pumpkin

Last weekend we invited some friends to view the renovations to the east wing of the estate. After the tour, we gathered in the Indian drawing room. While tasting a “little, shy wine like a gazelle,” we nibbled Bath Oliver biscuits, and discussed the arrangements for All Hallows Even.

One friend warned me that squirrels had taken to eating neighborhood pumpkins. She had lost her jack o’ lantern to a scurry of hungry Eastern Grays. I must admit I thought the woman was mad. I had never heard of squirrels eating pumpkins, but I laughed politely and gestured to my majordomo to pour her more wine.

To my dismay, this morning I find it is true. When did this start? Have squirrels always defaced innocent pumpkins? Upon further investigation, I found that pumpkin abuse is the least of squirrel crimes.

Squirrel-mauled pumpkin

Squirrel-mauled pumpkin

One little slip like that could cause the Great Pumpkin to pass you by.

ETA: A recipe for squirrel cacciatore from the Backwoods Bound site. You’ll need “2–3 squirrels cut up in pieces.”