Sakura daifuku
Photo: Sakura daifuku (cherry blossom mochi with bean paste filling) at the National Cherry Blossom Festival 2009.

What can I say? Happy Spring! I do so like four assertively flavored seasons.

I don’t know what exactly triggered a realization, a feeling of goodness. I left the depths of the geometrically infamous building in which I work and stepped into the sun. The dogwoods are blooming. I bought new shoes. Could have been this Tricycle Daily Dharma:

It’s Hard Work Being a Control Freak

We don’t need to control the world. We don’t need to defend ourselves against it. We don’t need to preserve anything. We only need to be here—totally, completely, freely—responding to the actual occasion.

–Steve Hagen, from Buddhism: It’s Not What You Think (HarperSanFrancisco)

Perhaps it was some music a friend sent.

The sun, the dharma, the music, the shoes. I let go and for the moment I am Lama’ed up and mochi sweet, baby. I hope you too can taste the sweetness.