Saint Andre de Figuiere
Saint André de Figuière, Côtes de Provence, Magali Rosé (cuvée signature), 2009. The “signature” wines being each named after one of “the three children of the estate.” 25% Grenache, 15% Cinsault, 30% Syrah, 30% Cabernet. Note the bottle is empty.

Tonight, mild and fresh air, the last light of a lovely June evening. I sit at our kitchen bar shelling fresh peas for dinner and sipping this lovely rosé. The color is a salmon sunset; the nose is strawberries mixed with clean wet stones. The wine sips berry fruity at first and then finishes long, dry, and citrus tart (Pamplemousse!). Delicious. I welcome a chance to drink more this summer.

The Domaine Saint André de Figuière website has a section, “La Dégustation,” or as they translate it: “Let’s Be Gourmet,” which makes me think of Japlish t-shirts and handbags, “Let’s Cooking!” In any case, some recipes to go with their wines (in French).